Hot switching between Sessions

My Session is the only browser that allows seemingly unlimited ways to manage your tabs, profiles, and user data through the use of sessions, spaces, and stacks. With the ability to create new 'Session' and keep the browsing and user data completely sequestered, users have unprecedented levels of control over their information and browsing habits.

However, until now it wasn't possible to switch from an Active Session to another one, without completely closing all the open windows in the previous session, so that if you chose to return to the previously active session you would have to start afresh.

With the latest release, Version 63, now you can hot switch between sessions. The open tabs in a previously opened session will stay active. However, note that this doesn't persist when you exit the App.

If there are some websites that you accessed frequently, then its best to "Pin" those Tabs so that when you start the App the next time and open that Session, those tabs would already be open and ready to go in a suspended state (to save memory).

Another point to note is that while you can technically keep many open sessions in memory and happily switch between them, this would strain your computer's memory as it would need to store all those web pages active at the same time. But we leave it up to you to manage. 

Your operating system may release some webpages from memory if it runs low in which case one of the pages in one of the open sessions may reload when you visit it next but that's dependent on your machine's available memory and we would rather not force suspend pages on our own.

Give it a try today and let us know what you think of this feature.


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