Enhancing Design Beauty - Version 69


Feast your eyes on the beautiful UI tweaks in the latest Version 69. From the ability to pin the Tab panel - that allows you to quickly switch between Tabs and Spaces and even switch to a new Session - to the seamless acrylic flow from the Tab panel to the command bar of the windows - to the gentle framing of the open window - now you have the next level of the consistency of the visual design that just brings everything together even better than before.

This release is not without its speed, stability, and usability improvements. Culling all code the crufts, bringing cohesiveness to the UX, and putting features where the users are most likely to discover them was a huge focus for this release.

The Space selection is now merged with the Tab selection, where clicking on the Space title in Tabs view takes you to the list of Spaces with a gorgeous animation, removing the need for separate UI elements for Spaces. Also, your browser domain Stacks are available in the Command Center allowing you to click on a Stack to view all Open tabs of that Stack and trigger a search in your bookmarks and history at the same time. Simple and effective and again obviates the need for a separate flyout needed for Stacks previously.

This release is full of nice touches like that to improve the browsing experience even further where no incumbent browser can hope to match. We love all your feedback so keep them coming. Happy browsing!


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