Why is it called My Session?

The name 'My Session' is meant to encourage the use of this browser, explorer, reader tool to power a session of research, creativity, or even just lounging with entertainment. 

And yes, while engaged in a session you will want to save links, files, and folders as bookmarks (the reason we have added snapshots to bookmarks), expect to revisit items from the history (the reason we built a smart history), be able to pin your most important links (the reason we built pinned tabs capabilities) and also group your tabs (the reason why we build auto-organization of your tabs as websites, images, videos, folders, or feeds, while allowing you to add new groups and organize open tabs according to your preferences).

Each session has its own bookmarks, tabs, history, favorite feeds etc. , and yes also their own cache and cookies allowing you to separate your login data from personal, to work, to your side-hustle to your hobby. 

These sessions do not require you to connect them to any account or email at all, unlike the implementation in Google Chrome, giving you utmost freedom to create as many sessions as you want, and freely delete them when you are done with that work.

Try 'My Session' today and experience the magic and freedom for yourself.


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