My Session vs. Arc Browser

My Session

Arc Browser

Web browsing has become a mundane task, with most browsers offering the same features like tabs, bookmarks, and history. However, there are still some browsers that try to revolutionize the way we browse. Two such browsers are Arc Browser and My Session, and we will be comparing them in this article.

Arc Browser has taken the concept of vertical tabs to a new level with its Spaces feature. Each space can have its own set of tabs, pinned tabs, and user accounts. While this is a novel idea, it can make adjusting to the browser harder as it forces you to go all-in on the concept of combining tabs and bookmarks. Additionally, adding too many pinned tabs can clutter the sidebar, making it difficult to add or categorize bookmarks.

On the other hand, My Session takes a unique approach by giving users access to both horizontal and vertical tabs. This allows for quick access to open tabs while also providing users with an organized way to group their tabs. Bookmarks also get a similar treatment, with a sidebar that allows for easy organization and categorization. The tablet mode of My Session is also exceptional, with a carousel of tabs that show a screenshot of the tab page content, allowing for quick navigation.

Arc Browser's split-screen mode is a step up from other mainstream browsers, allowing users to open up to three windows laid out vertically. However, My Session takes things to the next level with its split-screen mode that allows for multiple configurations of panels. Users can host websites in the Side panel, while hosting websites with a more horizontal layout in the Bottom panel. Websites for video streaming and video conferencing can be hosted in the Float panel, allowing for a picture-in-picture-like experience.

While Arc Browser does have some unique features like Notes and Easel, My Session is focused on expanding what a browser can be and do. It offers file explorer and feed reader functionalities, so users can open their files and folders and read RSS feeds from their favorite sites in the same tabbed, split-screen environment as webpages. Additionally, the built-in media viewer for photos and videos means users don't have to switch to a different application when browsing those files.

In conclusion, while Arc Browser has some nice features, My Session is the clear winner for those looking for a browser that offers all the functionality they are used to, while also expanding what a browser can do. With its unique split-screen mode, versatile panel configurations, and file explorer and feed reader functionalities, My Session is the ultimate browser for power users.


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