Who is 'My Session' for?

Do you want a fresh new internet experience that is built from the ground-up with multitasking in mind, where split-screen is not an afterthought or an appendage but a fundamental feature and basic functionality?

Do you want to be able to open not just websites, but photos, videos, and even RSS feeds? Do you want to be able to bookmark the files, folders, and feeds?

Do you want to be able to search through all open tabs, bookmarks, history, and even suggested websites, and feeds from one command center and then interact with it by typing, using your voice, or even your pen/stylus?

Do you want to have all the major search engines of the world at your fingertips and then quickly open them in split-screen to compare the results?

Do you want to be able to open any website in a floating panel that stays at the top of your other windows, like a supercharged picture-in-picture, that is not just for videos but for any website?

Do you want a smart history feature that combines your website visits, files opened, feeds read into a condensed list so you don't have to sort through days and days of repeated entries in your history?

Are you tired of your browser forcing unwanted features, changing your preferences and settings, and hogging your computer resources to keep tracking features running in the background?

Are you bored of the same old interface that hasn't evolved in a decade? 

Do you have thousands of outdated bookmarks in these browsers of sites that you probably don't have any interest in anymore, or which probably don't even exist anymore, and you are looking for a fresh start?

Do you hate browsers that make your tab titles unreadable as you open more of them, forcing you to open multiple browser windows?


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