Touch-Friendliness Supercharged


A touch-friendly browser for Windows? Surely, you must be dreaming.

My Session rethinks what it means to be a touch friendly browser. 

Large touch targets? Check.

Navigate through Tabs using snapshots? Check.

Replace hover action by tap actions? Check.

View bookmarks with screenshots? Check.

Effortlessly swipe through all your open tabs and bookmarks? Check.

Use pen/stylus to use your handwriting? Check.

This is not all. When launching My Session you can select if you want to turn on the Tablet Mode. It's not necessary, as even without this mode enabled the browser is already touch friendly. However turning this mode on enables some neat display adjustments to make browsing on detached devices even more enjoyable. Check it out today by downloading My Session to your convertible and detachable Windows devices.


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